French Beans Egg Bhurji / Scrambled Egg with French Beans and Dill leaves

This is one of my all time favourite. Recently i had blogged about Beetroot Egg Bhurji,this recipe is similar to that . French beans,Dill Leaves and Egg everything complement each

Channa Masala

Channa Masala is a popular Punjabi dish in Indian cuisine.There are lot many variations in cooking channa masala,but this is version of channa masala is cooked in my own style.I have used brown chickpeas in this particular recipe,as Brown gram has more health

Methi Matar Oats Pulao

Once winter starts ,it becomes so difficult to get up early  and do workouts.Along with this chill weather it becomes even more difficult to stop munching fried food.All

Sauteed Spring Onion

I had brought Spring onions 2 days before and was lying in  my refrigerator,so thought of doing some side dish out of it for Roti. My friend  Aarti used to do something similar to

Masida SoppuSaaru / Mashed Assorted Green Leaves Curry

Hi All, wanted to share one of the healthiest recipes Masida Soppu Saaru meaning Mashed Green Leaves Curry.This is very popular in rural part of karnataka that to especially among

Mushroom Shots

I always wanted to try KFC style Chicken shots.But deep frying chicken,i usually don't prefer to eat. So i thought of trying the same with Mushroom as it tastes very similar to

Kheema Ball Curry / MeatBall Curry

Kheema ball curry is a classic Indian food.Kheema nothing but minced meat. This meat ball curry is quite different from regular meat balls, as many spices are included to the meat

UpSaaru Khara / Spicy Red Chilly Curry Paste

Upsaaru Khara / Spicy Red Chily curry paste , is very famous curry paste used in Mysore / Mandya , Karnataka. Khara means Spicy in Kannada ,Upsaaru means  Salted Curry. There is a lot of demand for this Curry paste in GP's Office,once i even packed this curry paste in small jars for all his teammates.Since then there is increasing demand for this recipe.We

Beetroot Egg Bhurji /Scrambled Egg with Beetroot

Egg Bhurji  popularly known as anda bhurji is is simple and easy to cook .This recipe is a twist to a regular egg bhurji .I have grown up eating this egg bhurji,as a kid i was a very annoying and fussy eater. So my Mom always used to struggle to make me eat veggies. As i

Melting Moments with Citrus Cream

Last year when i was watching MasterChef Australia where Julia did these Melting Moments and won Immunity pin! I was so excited to see these goodies.Since then whenever i baked any

Khara Pongal /Spicy Pongal

Khara Pongal,Ghee Pongal is one the simplest and comfort breakfast recipe, it is quite common  breakfast in many of south indian families.I'm not a fan of  khara Pongal but i do

Coriander Chicken Gravy

No matter whichever delicious and fluffy Biryani  i cook,My husband needs a gravy along with it.So it becomes obvious for me to prepare a gravy along with Biryani. As Biryani is 

Mollake Uralikallu Saaru / Sprouted Kulath Curry /Sprouted Horsegram Curry

My Husband was insisting me to post this curry recipe as there is lot of demand in his office for this particular curry. As my grandparents lives in village nearby to Mysore, 
Horsegram is  abundantly grown there and my mom used to prepare so many delicious
dishes out of this horsegram.But we were never aware of its health benefits till few years back.Very recently, i was going through a magazine and i got to know about health,

Donne Biryani

Donne Biryani is very famous in Bangalore."Donne" means big sized cups /bowls made from areca nut palm leaf . These are eco friendly disposable plates and cups.As Biryani will be served on these plates/bowls it is popularly known as "Donne Biryani".Unlike authentic biryani's, this biryani is not layered nor cooked in dum.This is very similar to preparing any

Avarekallu Bath / Hyacinth Bean/ Surti Papdi Pulao

Avarekallu Bath / Surti Papdi Pulao
Avarekallu /Surti Papdi /Hyacinth Bean is very popular in Karnataka. Its available during winter season from October to February. Especially in south Karnataka ,it will be raining

Thalipeeth / Multigrain Indian flat Bread

Thalipeeth is a savoury multi grain  flat bread which is popular in Maharashtra, India. Authentic Thalipeeth is done by using a special flour made from dry roasting  coriander

Sakkare Acchu / Sugar Figurines

As Makar Sankrati a South Indian Festival  is nearing ,a friend of mine had requested for sakkare acchu recipe.When i was a kid my mom used to do this with the help of my

Moolangi / Mooli / Radish Chutney

Radish is very health vegetable.Including radish in your daily diet is very much beneficial. Today i'll  be giving you one of the simplest yet healthiest diabetic friendly
recipe radish chutney which can be accompained with  ragi dosa or any other dosa,chappathi and also can have with hot rice and ghee.So if you are health freak then you should definitely try this.One best thing about this chutney is you'll not get the radish smell,many of us including me doesn't like radish smell,but this chutney tastes so different that you can never make out that you have added mooli/radish to prepare this chutney.So its even a very good idea to make kids eat this chutney with idli/dosa without bringing it to kids awareness. 

Category:Vegetarian|Cuisine:South India|Corse:Accompaniment
PrepTime:5 Minutes|Cooking Time:8 Minutes|Serves:4

Mooli/White Raddish :11/2 Cup Grated
Fresh Coconut/Cobra: 1/3 Cup
Dry Red Chillies :4-5
Jeera:1 Tsp
Roasted Gram:1 Tbsp
Tamarind :Little(Small Marble Size)
Salt: To Taste

For Seasoning:
Ghee/Oil :1/2 Tbsp
Mustard Seeds:1 Tsp
Curry Leaves:2 Sprig
Channa Dal:1 Tsp
Urud Dal:1 Tsp
Dried Red Chilly:1 Broken

Take a Nonstick Pan,add 2 drops of oil ,Add jeera , redchilly and coconut fry well.When its  almost done add grated molli,add salt and saute on a high heat till water content is completely absorbed.

Add Roasted gram finally and just saute for a minute. Once its cooled,put it in a mixer,add tamarind,salt and by adding little water grind it.

Take a Tadka Pan and add all the ingredients under seasoning list in order and pour it over the chutney.

Serve it as a accompaniment with dosa/chapathi/roti.

Stir Fry Tofu With Veggies and Noodle

Stir Fry Tofu with Veggies and Flat Noodles
Tofu is very rich in protein ,calcium and Iron which is very important for women.Also it contains no saturated fat and is very good for weight lose plan as it contains just 90

Palak Paneer/Spinach and Cottage Cheese Gravy

Spinach and cottage cheese are very healthy and nutritious .Cooked Spinach is more advantageous than the raw spinach, its rich in iron than any other leafy vegetables and has

Chinese Stuffed Paratha

Chinese Stuffed Paratha
I normally get very bored by eating the same type of food.So i'll be keep trying different flavors in the food. This chinese paratha is one i tried it very recently.Just like we do

Granola Bars

Granola Bars
I wish all my readers a very happy and Prosperous New Year 2014! On the New Year Day ,I always make resolutions  like going to gym ,going for a morning walk,eating healthy and