About Me


        First of all I thank you all for visiting my blog. Hope you enjoy at Palate's Desire.

I'm Muktha Gopinath author of this recipe Blog.I live in Bangalore with my DH Gopi (I refer as Gp in my post). I was working as a software engineer and later priorities in life changed and started to work as an Assistant Professor in an Engineering college.Priorities in life made me to quit my job and became stay at home mom and started to explore cooking.Now with a baby in hand,though finding time for myself is difficult,still i want to keep this blog alive.

      My Love for food ,made me to register myself for various courses on Food and Nutrition ,Diet and Health Education .Now,i'm proud to call myself as a certified Food Nutritionist.Which adds an advantage of adding  more healthy recipes and provide diet consultation for healthy lifestyle, weight management  and other health conditions.

   I've developed interest about cooking through the days and now love to experiment different cuisines.My sister encouraged me to start blogging and i thought of recording all my experiments,healthy recipes,authentic recipes from mom,MIL,relatives & friends.The idea being not to forget what I cooked:) So this blog posts,help me a lot to record exactly what I cook, Though being a food blogger, I admit that I'm not an expert in cooking,taste and perfection comes by practice.Keep cooking and satisfy your Palate's Desire :)


  1. Nice job :) Wish you All the Best !!

  2. Super maam :) Going good...
    BEST OF LUCK !!!

  3. Very Nice Madam, you were my Engineering Guru, Now my Cooking Guru......
    Leading Bachelor life in B''lore is Hard, so started taking print out''s of ur Recipes & trying it out one by one... to become Nalamaharaaaaj ........ :) !!!

  4. Hey Manohar,I could not stop laughing at your comment! Well refer Bachelors Cooking,it might help you out :)

  5. Good to know your next role Muktha,very interesting Blog. Will try some recipe. thank you dear:-)