Ingredient's Gallery

While often going through the recipes many of us get confused and stumped with the kind of ingredient used.We might not be knowing the name of the ingredient and still being used regularly.From goggle and Wikipedia I have found some information and compiled the list of ingredients.Hope this helps.

I'll update this every now and then.


Stone Flower             Nutmeg                  Mace              Black Cardamom               Star Anise
Bay Leaf                 Coriander Seeds      Marathi Moggu          Onion Seeds         Fenugreek Seeds
Fennel Seeds                 Saffron                  Carom Seeds               Mustard          Caraway seeds

Cinnamon             Black Peppercorns           Cloves                           Jeera          GreenCardamom 

Dals & Pulses

Kidney Beans                 Chick Peas               Cow Peas              Green gram             Bengal gram
Moon Dal                    Urud Dal             Toor Dal                 Masoor Dal               Channa Dal

 DryFruits & Nuts

Raisins                   Pistachio                     Dates                 Dried Fig                      Almonds

Groundnuts              Apricot                  Cashew                 Walnuts                   Hazelnuts

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